Our FDM 3D Printing Service

Our FDM manufacturing service is intended for rapid/low-cost prototyping. Our hard-working technicians will verify your design can be manufactured with our current methods and tooling to help get your part in your hands within days of it being CAD files.

FDM capabilities

Parameter Specification
Max build plate 250 x 210 x 210 mm (9842.52 x 8267.72 x 8267.72 mils)
Infill 15-100%
Dimensional accuracy ± 0.7 mm (27.55 mils)
Average lead time 5 days
  • Infill is dependent on model and is subject to change from the technician. If a predefined infill is given in the additional comments, you will be alerted to the change.
  • The lead time for a print can vary beyond the average time based on the length of the current print queue and the size of the current prints.
  • Print failures are logged and we improve out process after a root cause investigation of the fail. You are not charged for failed prints, however it may increase your lead time.
  • We will remove any support material that we add and leave an even finish.
  • Large delaminations and bumps are considered print failures.
  • We do not preform post-processing on FDM models such as sanding, assembly, washing or annealing. Sanding may be done lightly to even a surface that had support material.
FDM Example