Value Added Services

Swallowtail Electronics, LLC can offer many other services that utilize our expertise in both hardware, software, and logistics. Additional services include:

Custom Kit Development/Assembly

You can get a custom kit made for your lecture or class, made as easy as possible! Tell us the components you need, and we can draw from our inventory or collect new inventory to create a ready to use kit for your needs. Once the kit is ready, we can either ship it to you directly or build a custom web page where your customers can purchase it directly from us.

Circuit Design & Prototype Development

Have the next best idea but do not have the technical expertise to make it happen? We can help! We specialize in creating integrated networks of wired embedded systems as well as digital logic solutions. We provide schematic level designs, PCB level designs and limited assembly services to get your idea in your own hands.

Web Application/Basic Web Development

This website you're on was made entirely in house with love! If you are looking for a database backed website with automation functions (like this website!) for your small business we can help. If you only need a more static website for an event, portfolio or displaying fixed information, we can also help at a reduced rate! Development is done in HTML/Javascript/CSS for only basic and Flask/PHP/MySQL for applications.

Windows OS Software Development

We also specialize in creating applications for Windows. In particular, automation scripts and test software. If you have a board that needs a Windows based user interface, we can bring that up and deliver the program as a simple installer. Contact a representative to describe your needs and we will help get your product to market!